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    Well, I have not blogged in a long long time. I think it is because I find it hard to think of things to write about that will be interesting. I tend to share a lot on my personal page about my son, Grayson, who has Special Needs. He is so amazing and he inspires me daily. Today I wrote about him and it donned on me, maybe he might inspire others. is what I wrote. I hope you find some inspiration in it.

    I am continually amazed at how much my little G-man has matured. Not just that he is almost as tall as me, but he has come so far emotionally. He tells me when he is scared, sad, angry, shy, but last night he said something new. He said, "Mom, I am lonely." It broke my heart but also made me happy that he could express it. They say that kids with special needs cannot always accurately express their emotions, so even sad emotions, make me so thrilled just to hear them expressed. Isn't that strange? Anyway, we had an I-Carly marathon and hung out all night. Hoping we can fill the rest of summer with activity so he won't be lonely, but happy he can tell me.

    When you have a child with Special Needs, little things like this are so huge. He teaches me daily what life is really about. His innocence and outlook on life that it gives him are so poignant and real, they really remind me of what is important in this world.

    Sharing a picture of my G-man hanging out on the beach a few weeks ago, one of his most happy places.10354182_10203356940477800_2261024261833542633_n



  • Photographer Spotlight - Dahlias & Daisies Designs


    We are always beyond thrilled when a photographer picks CiCi & Ryann for her own daughter's pictures. It might be one of the ultimate compliments. You see I am inspired by photography and color! I try to use vibrant colors in everything I do. Especially when designing CiCi & Ryann. I think of them as happy little paintings in a way! So, when I saw this picture that Stephanie Sifuentes of Dahlias and Daisies had taken of her daughter, it literally took my breath away!



    I had met Stephanie two summers ago at one of our very first Canton's and had really fallen in love with her personality. She is as you would think most photographers are, hip, young, personable! I knew instantly I really liked her. And with a daughter as cute as Miss Dahlia, I had to have her shoot some special pieces for CiCi & Ryann.

    We actually designed our Green Dot Betty with this spunky little model in mind for it.




    We knew Stephanie would blow us away with her pictures and we were blown away. There are some photographers, that I consider more of artists. It is in the mapping of the image, envisioning the bigger picture, the LIGHTING, every little detail is perfect in all of her images....


    Visual genius!

    For fun, we asked her to shoot our Chloe Mandarin Dress, which is from spring, and give it more of a fall look. I am so excited to share all of these with you.



    fb4_LG3A5857 fb2_LG3A5869

    We love short dresses on little cuties this age...


    And this location is completely enchanting!

    LG3A5869close copy

    This amazing hairpiece is by Birdie Baby Boutique and was made to specifically for this shoot. It all looks amazing together!!!


    So, sending Stephanie a big thank you for loving our clothing as much as we love your artistry!!! LG3A0771web

    And thanks to little Miss Dahlia for being such a great muse!

    For more information visit :

    All clothing by :




  • Life lessons from little Phoebe

    I was really upset by something a customer said to me last night and while thinking about it this morning, I realized that there are so many other important things. My mind kept wandering back to Phoebe Fair. See I didn't know Phoebe. Her story was introduced to me by our friend Amanda who met Phoebe and her family as their two girls battled brain cancer. I have since been following Phoebe's story and the heartbreaking news that she lost her battle on October 5th. So as I am sitting her upset by one unkind email all I can think of is Phoebe and what lessons can I learn from her life and her story.

    405648_280211408703387_1471187395_n 1266865_579505105440681_145008809_o 1390708_579503305440861_241436637_n

    So, I am chosing to enjoy today. For we never know what the other person is going through or dealing with. I am going to do my best to be the best person I can be and not worry what others say or do. I am going to have lunch with my daughter, to remind her that even though her brother is the one with special needs, she is just as special to me. I am going to think of all of you and your babies and bigger kids and pray for your families and healing for the struggles you are going through as everyone has their own struggles going on. I am going to hold Phoebe's sweet face in my memory and thank her parents for sharing her story with us. 

    RIP Phoebe Fair ...!/Obituary

  • Back to School with Team CiCi !!!

    Well hopefully by now, all children everywhere, are back to school. I know I have been ready for school to start since, um, July 1st. I think my kids even were starting to count down the days. Summer days in Texas are hot and long and we packed all of our fun family trips into June, so by August we are struggling to find things to keep occupied, not to mention, I am trying to work from home with two kiddos by my side all day.


    So, this is week one with kiddos back and I am seeing Fall all Hobby Lobby, in Canton, in department stores. Everyone is talking fall but the weather here says "long hot summer." I am longing for the year I lived in Connecticut and fall actually started in September and leaves actually turned colors other than brown.

    But, I know it is favorite time of the year.....for so many reasons!!! There are so many things to LOVE about fall.


    But, for me there is one thing that preceeds all the pumpkin spice and amber leaves glory....

    and that is Football Season. It is a sure sign that fall is around the corner, when I hear the sound of those announcers, whistles and cheers coming from my living room. Even though I did not watch football growing up, something about the sound of football takes me back to my childhood and my dad watching football on TV and my sister and I so excited to be fitted for new Cheerleader uniforms and getting to see who would be in our class, going back to school shopping at Highland Mall, a flood of wonderful fall memories . The sound of football. Isn't that strange that just a sound can take you back to your childhood. The sound is all the more special to me know that my father is no longer here, I can envision it and hold onto the memory associated with the Sound of Football forever.


    So, that is the meaning behind Team CiCi!!! I wanted it to be a fun collection that reminded me of that nostalgic time.


    Stripes, chevron, navy, skirts, raglan tops.

    53ab975e-6525-48d9-89f0-5143e2ac2a13_zpsa94140fc e3213202-0398-4631-90f7-74795606148a_zpsb23e5d99

    All of the design in this collection is supposed to be feminine and girlie, yet sporty and fun!



    We could not be happier with the way the collection conveys this feeling!


    We had so much fun at this photo shoot, as you can see. Girl with megaphones and pom poms, what more could they want!

    5cee3a8c-a77e-4168-a7a7-b3fe23183eb4_zps80c432cb e60c33ac-e11e-4dbd-8cd8-64928f8a4117_zps0687be74

    And we hope this collection gets you in the mood for some football!!!

    Thanks so much!


    Clothing and Accessories: CiCi & Ryann ,Girls Clothing Company

    Photography: Susan L. Stroud,

    Hair: Nadine Wilson

    Backdrop: Emily Low

  • Let's get personal!

    I have often struggled with how personal I want our blog to be. But lately, I have been so inspired by a few women who share their lives with us so graciously and eloquently that I decided maybe I would get a little more personal! ... and I will name names: Ashley of Lil Blue Boo, Ms. Amanda Skelte, of Gingersnap Photography, and my sweet friend Cara Serber, these are three amazing women who you should follow!!!

    So, HELLO! I am Karen. The owner/designer behind CiCi & Ryann. I know a lot of you have been with me for a long time and a lot of you have just found my line. So hello to all of you, old fans or new! First off, can I say that I am just beyond thrilled and humbled that CiCi & Ryann is such a success, to this date. I say that because I know things can change at any moment. And I am so grateful to be where I am!

    So, if you are a long time fan, you know that I started my company, which was formerly named, Two Monkeys Designs, when my daughter was born. Really, it was just a hobby and a way to express my creativity since I had "taken time off " from my Advertising career to be with my son, who was born with Special Needs. So, Two Monkeys, officially kicked off at a Craft Fair at our church in the fall of 2005. I had two whole racks of cute pjs and overalls that I had appliqued and made fun ruffle bottoms on. So that is really the start. From that I booked two more shows and then started selling on EBAY. Back in the day, before ETSY, EBAY had an underground Custom Boutique world with Boutique Selling Groups and Ebay "super" models. I was in two Boutique Groups, which was so fun because we had monthly themes of what our designs would be. I think this is when I fell in love with designing....and it was probably this time, when I designed my actual first collection.

    At this point my son was about 4. Now, I mentioned earlier that he was born with Special Needs. At the middle of my pregnancy, 28 weeks, I went into Pre-term labor. And I mean Pre-term labor, full on contractions that sent me to the hospital where I was told I was delivering that night....they ended up stopping the labor with a ton of drugs and 4 days later, when I came out of the drug-induced state, I started my 3 month stay on bed-rest at the hospital. Almost fully effaced, already dialated to a 1 and still have Braxton hicks contractions every 10 minutes, I spent the next few months and the holidays hoping and wishing that my baby would be born okay. I did everything they told me to do because I was scared to death. They had me on all sorts of things, steroids, a terbutaline pump in my leg, sleeping pills...but I just did what the doctors told me. I just had blind faith and no experience to know any better. Anyway, at 37 weeks I got to go home and at 38 weeks my water broke and off we went to the hospital, thinking we would finally have our happy healthy baby, and he was, but that was just the beginning of our journey.

    So, long story short, Grayson was born with bi-lateral Club Feet. Not so uncommon but no one in my delivery room knew for sure what it was, just that, as the L&D nurse told us, his feet were deformed. Our world was spinning, we had no idea what it was or if it could be fixed. Looking back on things, if that was the worst of our problems, it would have been a cake walk. Thank goodness we live so close to Scottish Rite Hospital for Kids. We were referred there right away and at 1 week old Grayson started a new "exploratory" treatment for Club Feet, where we would come to Scottish Rite every day for 7 months and do a stretching and splinting program. Along with the trip to Scottish Rite, I would need to do the stretching on his little feet at home 3 times a day. He was put in little plastic splints that went up to right below his knee. Wow, writing this is bringing back a lot of emotions I have not felt in a long time. Well, anyway, this is the reason for my "time off" from my career.

    It was at Scottish Rite where they first noticed that Grayson seemed a little behind. He was about 9 months when I was first told that he might need ECI (Early Childhood Intervention). But since he was in splints and his foot strapped to a Constant motion machine at night, everyone thought he was just delayed in gross motor skills and would catch up. But as the months went on, he had all the tell-tale signs of Autism. He did not babble, did not play with toys the same ways other kids did, could not wave or say bye bye. He was so happy though, he would just lay on his back and flap and make a whirring noise. I became sort of frantic trying to figure out what was going on with him and no one would really believe me and then when he was 18 months old, his Pediatrician called and told us that she was pretty sure he was Mentally Retarded. So there it is...Grayson's story. He is 11 1/2 now. He has been in years and years of therapy, special ed in school, tutoring. He is amazing! We still don't have a 100% diagnosis of what he has. As his mom, I think he falls on both spectrums. He is often not thought to be Autistic because he is soooo social and happy. And he is! People meet him and say he is the happiest kid they have ever met. He is definitely developmentally delayed. Meaning, academically, socially and in a lot of other areas, he is more than several years behind. But, he is still progressing everyday...this year we have seen the most encouraging progression and he has started reading. We have had teachers tell us he would NEVER read or write, so this is a huge accomplishment for him and a huge jump for joy for us!

    Anyway, back to my story, Grayson was say about 4, when we were told by his Developmental Pediatrician that he should have ABA therapy. This is a very extensive 40 hour a week therapy that is not covered by insurance. There was no way we would be able to afford it and there was no way I wasn't getting him that therapy. This is when I told my husband I would pay for his therapy with my earnings from Two Monkeys. Well, maybe not all of therapy, but at least I would help out. So, I did! And I sewed and I sewed and I sewed. I think I can sew in my sleep, upside down with one hand tied behind my back. Not that I am a great seamstress. I am self-taught so I don't claim to be a master seamstress, but if you had to pick someone for a speed-sewing contest, I am your girl!

    So, really that is pretty much how my hobby became a business! I moved over to ETSY when it started and then got my own website. Very exciting times, still sewing everything myself. Sometimes I would be stacked 5 pages on custom orders and it just became too much for me to do all by myself, so I started looking into local sewing houses. And that is pretty much when CiCi & Ryann was born.

    It has been a few years of learning the industry, learning about production and how it all works, pattern grading, market. There are soooo many things about the Fashion Industry that no one really knows exists except those of us in it. I am learning new things daily. But, the one thing I know for sure is I LOVE designing. It is funny how a hobby can turn into a passion. I feel lucky to do something I love to do. It is work though, probably mostly because I have taken it slowly and we are a TINY company still. You know that saying, "If you do something you truly love you will never work a day in your life." Well, I don't know what universe that is in. I work 24 hours a day. I work hard at what I do. I still love it, but I don't like to sugarcoat things, it is a LOT of work! I think of the typical stereotype that designers sit around and look at fabric and sketch all day. That is in a dream world!

    One of my best friends asked me a few days ago what my overall goal for CiCi & Ryann was, what was my end game? I didn't have an answer. I don't have an answer. I love CiCi & Ryann, I love designing, I love seeing your girls wearing CiCi & Ryann in the pictures you send in. I love my family! But I am following this journey to wherever it is taking me. It has already had a lot of twists and turns and I think you have to be flexible when having a business and know that the plans change and what you think might be the path may not be the path, you might be led down a different path that you never even knew was there. Just like in life! For now, I just want the company to grow, I would love to be able to hire more people so that I could focus on designing more. Oh, and so you do know, we do not have a fulfillment house like most other lines. We tag, package and ship everything ourselves. So, when a package takes a little bit longer to get there then a bigger brand might take, that is why. We juggle a lot of hats around here, but we are determined to keep making clothing that you and your girls love!

    So, that is my story, my family's story, Grayson's story, CiCi & Ryann's story.

    Thanks so much for all of your support! And this is a picture of my little family. My husband, Travis, me, Grayson and Caroline (CiCi).

    Have a great night!





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